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Waterpark Restoration

Petro Island Restoration


Creative Polymers Inc. is based in St. Louis, MO. The principles of Creative Polymers have over 40 years of experience in formulating high quality polyurethane, polyurea and epoxy systems. The series of the company’s products cover a diverse range of Industrial and Commercial Applications ranging from Gallo Wine linings to Theming Finishes at Disney World. 

We are a research and development company that can react to needed product changes and modifications for nearly any needed parameter. Unlike larger competitors, we can react quickly to special needs and product formulations which allows fast turnaround time.

One major corporate focus is in the theming area offering solutions for Water & Theme Park paint and coating needs. A complete line of Ultra High-Performance, color retentive, chemical resistant, wet & dry use Hybrid Polyurethanes & Gel Coats, makes looking elsewhere totally unnecessary. (Learn more or shop online at www.WaterParkTech.com)


These similar Ultra High-Performance systems are used in other markets too. Another specialty area is the Gas Station Island Repair Market with our Petro Armor rehab coatings. This is a system using tough Polyurethane technology for gas pump island repairs with the goal of long-term performance. Competing systems are basically house paints that fail within months of exposure and abuse. Petro Armor has the history of performing in high moisture/snow environments with strong UV and chemical attack. This complete line of rehab products protects and refurbishes gas Island pumps, bollards, and curbs back to new and keeps it that way for years, not months. (Learn more or shop online at www.petro-armor.com


These Ultra High-Performance Polyurethanes & Polyureas are used in additional markets across the Industrial and Commercial workplace. Please review our Website under Product & Markets for our other Market Applications and uses with this technology.