Hardcoated EPS Foam

Creative Polymers has been a forerunner in the creation and manufacturing of hardcoat systems going back to the 1980s. We have numerous systems available to meet the application needs of any project.

EPS Foam Applications

Displays & Replications
Hand Carved Applications
Architectural Cornice & Trim

Hardcoat System & Product Variations

A) EPS Foam

B) Hard Coat System

      Standard, Fire Retardant or High Impact systems

C) Primer

       Fast dry water based

D) Topcoats & Architectural Finishes

Topcoat Finish Application

Architectural Applications

Themed Applications

Hardcoat System & Product Variations

Standard Hardcoat 3600

Design to produce a smooth surface with a balance of hardness and impact resistance

Standard Hardcoat 3615

Fire Retardant Version of the Standard Hardcoat 3600

High Impact Hardcoat 3960

Polyurea designed for High Impact and Damage in High Traffic Situations