Gateway Arch Project Profile

The Missouri Department of Transportation needed a long term solution to a major National Monument expansion of the St. Louis Arch Grounds. They planned to visually and physically join the Riverfront with the downtown to make it all one continuous National Park Environment. This consisted of building a new bridge over the existing highway to totally hide the noise and dangers of the existing ugly walkway that broke the two areas apart.

Creative Polymers proposed a totally new approach to the existing seamed sheet and protective board system and used their tough, monolithic geomembrane polyurea elastomeric coating system. This provided a “one step” solution that was seamless and eliminated protect boards that could rot over the years in a buried substate. 

Arial Shot of Project In Progress

Project System Recap

Ureprime cures at lower temperatures and provides better adhesion between fast set polyureas and polyurethanes. Provides adhesion to aged epoxy, polyurethane and polyuria substrates.

Geo-Tek Polyurea System designed as a fast cure component that is tolerant of low temperatures and high moisture.

Plia-Thane is a 2:1 ratio medium cure polyurethane system. A geotextile was incorporated into this system for extra protection to the waterproofing system during the landscaping process

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