Power Plant Project Profile

Ameren UE, eastern Missouri’s largest Power Plant was having dangerous issues with the coal dust being conveyed from level to level for power production.   The dust is highly flammable and the use of water was the safest way to clean down the floors and equipment where daily coal accumulated.

However, by using water, the aged structure had numerous rusty holes, separation of the floor-to-wall joints, cut-outs from various repairs and many other voids that would cause severe water drips and flooding on the floors below, interrupting normal operations. 

Creative Polymers was able to suggest a fast and monolithic remedy to what would eliminate the temporary and on going nightmare of trying to caulk and seal with convention tube materials.  The GeoTek 4950 system was awarded to create a high build, one coat, 100 mil elastomeric base that sealed all the existing voids and joints that were causing such a disruption to operations.  An  anti -skid topcoat was rolled on to create excellent traction even when the surface was wet.

More possible.

Project System Recap