Speaker Coating Systems

Creative Polymers was the pioneer in developing a polyurea system and aliphatic PU water based topcoat that innovated how major speaker manufacturers could fabricate speaker enclosures in minutes. The specialized fast cure polyurea system replaced the original labor intensive flexible vinyl sheet wrapping process, as well as the polyester fiberglass resin roll out. 



We use a solvent less, fast-cure polyurea  and water based system that is more environmentally friendly. It is extremely durable and has outstanding scratch, impact and abrasion resistance

PLASTI-THANE 3900 Fast Set Speaker Coating
POLY-TEX 1282 Single Package Repair Coating

PLASTI-THANE 3900 is a solvent less, fast cure polyurea system that cures in 15 seconds. It can provide a uniform texture and provides and extremely durable coating that provides resistance to scratches, abrasions and drops on wooden substrates.

Key Features:

• Instant Cure

• High Build System

• Extremely Durable

• Unique Textures


Poly-tex 1282 is a simple-single package water based aliphatic polyurethane that dry fast and has excellent durability. It can be used fo speaker production or rejuvenating old speakers

Key Features:

• Applies With Simple Spray or Roller System

• Single Package

• Fast Dry

• Very Durable

• UV Resistant

Application of PLASTI-THANE 3900

Speaker Restoration Using POLY-TEX 1282



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Fast Set Coating System

•PLASTI-THANE 3900 Fast Set Polyurea System

Single Package Repair System

• POLYTEX 1262 Smooth Water Based Polyurethane System

• POLYTEX 1282 Textured Water Based Polyurethane Topcoat