Flexible Lining & Waterproofing Systems

Creative Polymers has provided waterproofing and geomembranes materials to the Industrial and Commercial Markets for decades.  Major projects like the Arch National Park Expansion bridge, Bayer Chemical and Ameren Power have used the 100% solid Elastomers Polyurethanes and Polyureas provided by Creative polymers.



A wide variety of polyurethane and polyurea systems are available for wood, concrete, geotextiles and steel substrates.  

Application Project Gallery

See the System in Action

The Missouri Department of Transportation needed a long term solution to a major National Monument Expansion of the St. Louis Arch. Creative Polymers Proposed an innovative approach using a novel, one-step solution.


Recommended Products

Fast Set Polyurethane Elastomer

• Mix Ratio: 1A : 2B

• Cure Time: 10-15 Minutes

• Designed to allow time to incorporate a geotextile into the membrane when reinforcement is needed.

Fast Set Polyurea Elastomer

• Mix Ratio: 1A : 1B


• Cure Time: 30 Seconds


• Designed to cure instantly over concrete and steel as a lining or waterproofing membrane or sprayed over geo-textile fabric surfaces to create a primary or secondary lining