Waterslide Project Profile

A major water park had a concrete slide lined with EVA foam that was having topcoat degradation. Running the park 7 days a week with high UV and millions of gallons of water pouring over the surface, it had seen better days. The Park had been using the Creative Polymers Foam Armor and Slide Armor systems on other park maintenance with great success, so it was determined that the Foam Armor could do well here too. 

The system had passed a 5 year test study for performance with excellent results. The Foam Armor system typically consists of an easy to use Base Coat 3150 applied between 100-250 mils and then top-coated with 2205, an aliphatic, abrasion resistant, color stable polyurethane elastomer. The combined system provides a tough impact and puncture resistant monolithic membrane that is slick and resist mold and calcium build up. The base-coat can be brushed applied and the topcoat is recommended to be sprayed.

Project Photos