Protective Coatings

Creative Polymers has a wide range of epoxy and polyurea systems designed for protective coating applications. The systems include elastomers for waterproofing and geomembranes, chemical resistance systems for wine and chemical tank linings, DTM systems for pipelines and high performance finishes.

Chemical Resistant Linings

Creative Polymers formulates epoxy, polyurethane and polyurea technology for primary and secondary containment applications for a variety of chemicals, solvents and waste materials.

Geotextile & Flexible Linings

Using spray applied Polyurea Technology, Creative Polymers creates a totally monolithic membrane for Containment and Waterproofing applications across a wide variety of chemical applications

Pipeline and Steel Pole Systems

Fast curing, 100% solids polyurethane and polyurea that meet stringent application and corrosion standards are available for in-shop and field applications.

Concrete Coatings

Many applications require a standard or Specialty Primer or Finsih.  We have a full line of high performance products for various substrates and applications

High Performance Finishes

Aliphatic polyurethane finishes that provide gloss and color retention along with high chemical resistance

Petro Armor

A system including epoxy concrete filler, rust inhibit primer, chemical resistance caulk and a high performance polyurethane coating system meant to restore spalled and cracked concrete fuel islands, the corrosion of parts of canopy supports and steel curbing.