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Deck Armor is a series of high performance, water-immersion-grade flooring and decking systems for Commercial, Industrial and Waterpark/Pool applications. These system range from single package water based components to 100% solids elastomers for the protection of concrete, asphalt, wood, fiberglass and steel substrates. Available in numerous standards and custom colors.

Deck Armor - C

Non-skid Polyurethane Coating

Deck Armor – C is a high performance floor and deck coating used in interior and exterior Waterpark and Theme park applications where superior color, UV and wear resistance is paramount. Deck Armor – C is extremely chemical resistant to chlorine and other chemicals and provides an anti slip, scuff resistant surface for long term performance.

Deck Armor - R

Flexible Water-based Polyurethane with Rubber Granules Incorporated

Deck Armor – R is a decorative, flexible coating system that incorporates rubber granules for both non-slip properties and to provide a softer feel to bare feet. The system is based on a “soft feel” flexible water-based color and gloss retentive polyurethane coating system. The Deck Armor-R is easy to apply with a roller or hopper spray gun and is available in a wide variety of bright colors.

Deck Armor - LP

Flexible Decorative Rubber Bead Safety Decking System

Deck Armor – LP is a multi-step system with a broadcast of POLYSOFT decorative rubber beads. The Deck Armor 300 is a durable elastomer that has been designed to retain its properties in both dry and wet pool immersion applications. The Deck Armor system is installed by rolling out a thin layer of Deck Armor 300 to the concrete or other approved surface and over saturating with POLYSOFT round decorative rubber beads. The system is typically topcoat with a final clear aliphatic polyurethane such as Deck Armor 2305 clear.

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